The Optimal Combination of All Components

The optimal combination of all components of regulation, both necessary for successful operation, it is possible only as a result of formation of the personality of the athlete, a significant development of its physical qualities, fixing and improving motor skills and full of the adequacy of the vegetative reactions of the organism. Naturally, the processes of regulation lead the athlete into a state of mental stress which, when adequate external and internal conditions of implementation of activities, may have a different level of manifestation. It is known that mental stress affects the results of human activities both positively and negatively. In sports, plenty of examples where mental stress was the cause of or reduction in health and sleep disorders of the athlete, or the growth of sports skill, to ensure the success of his speech at the event. Voltage in training related to the process activities, with the need to perform increasing physical activity click. Mental stress in terms of competition is complemented by a voltage determined by the goal to achieve a certain result, so mental stress in a practice called the procedure, and the competition — effective.

High and prolonged stress can have a negative impact on the athlete. In today's workout are high physical exertion, the athlete often experiences a state of heightened mental stress. In itself mental stress in sports is a positive factor reflecting the activation of all functions and systems of the body and providing high productivity activities here. But keep in mind that with adverse factors (high and long lasting stress, fear stress, bad relationships with others, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, etc.) mental stress can cause disharmony of functions, the excessive and unnecessary consumption of energy. Mild degree of mental strain leaves no consequences and disappears in a few days.

Strong and long-lasting overvoltage can have negative effects even after weeks and months. Negative consequences usually occur in an unfavorable attitude and in a kind of behavioral acts.

In psychology there are three stages of mental overstrain Nandrobolin – Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin – Nandrolone Decanoate) |, with General and specific to each of them signs.

Common symptoms: fatigue, decreased performance, sleep disturbances, lack of a sense of freshness vigor after sleep, occasional headaches.